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  • 亿方云企业网盘&共享网盘&企业云盘&共享云盘logo normal 可靠好用的文件共享盘

    Mobile Office

    File access, editing, sharing and collaboration anywhere and anytime,
    no business opportunities missed

    A Full List of Mobile Office Functions

    Full-featured Clients

    Full Coverage of Mobile Platforms Support mobile phones and tablets, iOS, Android and H5
    Full-featured Apps Fully featured Apps offer PC-like user experience and make a real mobile office

    File-based Office

    Basic File Functions File sorting, upload, download, new file / folder, rename, file attributes, move / copy, delete / restore
    Upload Files from Other Apps Support uploading files from other Apps (such as WeChat / QQ / email) to FangCloud
    Online Preview Support online preview of files in over 100 formats, including general Office (Word/Excel/PPT) documents, pictures, PDFs, as well as professional formats like CAD, Photoshop, AI, Project and Visio, and support online play of audio and video files
    Online Edit Support opening and editing files with third-party Apps (such as Office / WPS), and then updating to FangCloud
    Full-text Search Support search by file name, file content, tag, note, modifier / creator
    Search Current Folder Support searching files in current folder when browsing
    Historical Versions of Files Support saving up to 100 historical versions, which can be previewed and restored
    File Subscription Support subscription to files / folders for message notifications when new updates come
    File Tags Support viewing tags of files / folders

    Internal Collaboration and Management

    Internal Collaboration Internal members of a company can be invited to share files, collaborators can be invited by department / group / personnel (search supported)
    External Collaboration External members of a company can be invited to participate in file sharing, emails / mobile phone numbers can be invited
    Permission Management Support setting of seven different permission roles, i.e. uploader, previewer, previewer / uploader, viewer, viewer / uploader, editor and co-owner, to meet a company's diverse permission control requirements
    Collaborator Management Users with relevant permissions can modify collaborators and permission levels
    File Sharing Support sharing external links generated for files / folders; support four permission settings, i.e. sharing objects, download permission, access period, and access password; support sharing with departments / groups / colleagues by one click
    All-channel Sharing Support one-click sharing to WeChat / QQ / DingTalk / emails / text messages
    Historical Shared Links Support viewing and managing all shared links I have created in files / folders
    Comments Support file-based comments and communications (via file or voice); @departments / groups / colleagues or all collaborators participating in collaboration in comments, and the mentioned parties can receive message notifications
    Watermark Preview When you preview a file in watermark-enabled folders, it has a watermark
    Review Support selecting one or more files to initiate review, a deadline can be set
    Message Center The standalone message center summarizes comment / shared / review / subscription / collaboration messages and quickly processes tasks related to me


    Colleague Contacts Support viewing contacts by organizational structure; support search; support viewing colleague details and sending text messages / making phone calls
    Multi-language Version Available in three languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English
    Password Lock Support setting gesture / numerical password to be entered when opening an application; support fingerprint unlock (for iOS only)

    Get started with FangCloud for an effortless working experience

    High-security, user-friendly file storage & sharing platform for your team

    FangCloud has helped more than 200,000 enterprises achieve faster and more intelligent operation


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