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  • 亿方云企业网盘&共享网盘&企业云盘&共享云盘logo normal 可靠好用的文件共享盘

    File Storage & Management

    Real-time Backup of Personal Files, Unified Storage and Management of Enterprise Files

    A Full List of File Storage and Management Functions

    Multi-terminal Support Terminal devices supported: PCs, mobile phones and tablets...
    Basic File Functions File sorting, list / pane view, upload, download, new, rename, file attributes, move / copy, delete / restore
    Synchronized Backup of Files Real-time synchronization: local modifications are automatically synchronized to the cloud; cloud modifications (including modifications made by collaborators) are automatically synchronized to local terminals
    Selective synchronization:Support selective synchronization of cloud folders to local terminals
    Automatic management of synchronization conflicts: manage synchronization conflicts automatically to ensure data integrity
    Open Local Synchronized Folders Support quick open of local synchronized folders to view synchronized files locally
    File Transfer Resume Network interruption does not have to re-forward, to enhance the transmission efficiency of large files
    Overseas Acceleration Support acceleration of access in overseas regions worldwide
    Multiple Tabs Support multiple tabs (similar to browsers) to open multiple pages simultaneously and switch over quickly
    Online Preview Support online preview of files in over 100 formats, including general Office (Word/Excel/PPT) documents, pictures, PDFs, as well as professional formats like CAD, Photoshop, AI, Project and Visio, and support online play of audio and video files
    Online Edit Support opening files for editing by directly calling local softwares and automatic saving of modifications to the cloud to reduce the steps of manual download and upload
    Full-text Search Support search by file name, file content, tag, note, modifier / creator
    Historical Versions of Files Support saving up to 100 historical versions, which can be previewed / restored / deleted
    File Subscription Support subscription to files / folders for message notifications when new updates come
    File Lock Support locking files, where locked files are read-only (cannot be edited, moved or deleted) for other users to prevent conflicts with other users during editing
    File Tags Support adding tags for files / folders, which can be quickly selected from recently used tags
    Quickly filter all files / folders with specified tags
    Set as Common Files Add files / folders / departments and more to common modules of the dashboard for quick access
    Recycle Bin Files going to the recycle bin are automatically kept for a certain period of time (set by the administrator), the deleter / department manager can only restore; the owner can restore / delete permanently
    Multi-language Version Available in three languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and English

    Get started with FangCloud for an effortless working experience

    High-security, user-friendly file storage & sharing platform for your team

    FangCloud has helped more than 200,000 enterprises achieve faster and more intelligent operation


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