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  • 亿方云企业网盘&共享网盘&企业云盘&共享云盘logo normal 可靠好用的文件共享盘


    Efficient office collaboration with anyone at anytime and anywhere

    A Full List of Efficient Collaboration Functions

    File Sharing Support sharing external links (QR codes) generated for files / folders; support four permission settings, i.e. sharing objects, download permission, access period, and access password; support sharing with departments / groups / colleagues by one click
    View Historical Shared Links Support viewing and managing all shared links I have created in files / folders
    Shared Link Control Users with relevant permissions can view all shared records of files / folders; disabling the share function of selected folders is supported
    Comments Support file-based comments and communications; @departments / groups / colleagues or all collaborators participating in collaboration in comments, and the mentioned parties can receive message notifications
    Review Support selecting one or more files to initiate review, a deadline can be set and the review process can be exported
    Real-time Message Notifications When a message is received, a system notification pops up automatically, which can be viewed by clicking Quick Jump
    Message Center The standalone message center summarizes comment / shared / review / subscription / collaboration / department / group messages and quickly processes tasks relevant to me
    Watermarks Users with relevant permissions can enable the watermark for folders
    Internal Collaboration Internal members of a company can be invited to share files, collaborators can be invited by department / group / personnel
    External Collaboration External members of a company can be invited to participate in file sharing, emails / mobile phone numbers can be invited
    Permission Management Support setting of seven different permission roles, i.e. uploader, previewer, previewer / uploader, viewer, viewer / uploader, editor and co-owner, to meet various collaboration needs while ensuring file security
    Collaborator Management Support viewing the list of collaborators of folders (including permission levels); support search (by name / email / mobile phone number...); users with relevant permissions can modify collaborators and permission levels

    Get started with FangCloud for an effortless working experience

    High-security, user-friendly file storage & sharing platform for your team

    FangCloud has helped more than 200,000 enterprises achieve faster and more intelligent operation


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