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  • 亿方云企业文件共享网盘logo normal 可靠好用的共享协作盘

    Management Console

    Manage enterprise file storage and office platforms at ease

    A Full List of Enterprise Background Management Functions

    Organizational Structure Management Support managing your personnel by the enterprise organizational structure; the corresponding file structure is generated automatically at the foreground (with the department manager automatically becoming the co-owner of all department files)
    Member Management Support searching and operating against enterprise members
    Invite Members to Join Support inviting a single email / mobile phone number or in bulk; support bulk import of members via templates
    New Group Support creating groups for scenarios such as cross-functional project teams in the enterprise to facilitate inviting collaboration / sharing / comments
    View and Manage Groups Administrators can view all groups within the enterprise, perform searches, edit group information and setting, edit group members, and dismiss groups
    External Collaborator Management Administrators can view information about all external collaborators invited from enterprises and the inviters, and remove external collaborators
    Enterprise Information You can view enterprise information and change your enterprise name
    Enterprise Image Customization Support customization of enterprise Logos and titles of shared tabs
    Data Report Show the overall information about how an enterprise uses FangCloud, including accounts (used / available), storage space (used / available), number of external collaborators (used / available), number of files / folders uploaded, and other items.

    Get started with FangCloud for an effortless working experience

    Easy file storage sharing and collaboration anytime and anywhere

    FangCloud has provided a more efficient way of working for 250,000+ companies and teams


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